HTC One M8 beats Samsung Galaxy S5 in drop tests

You might have thought of investing in an expensive smartphone, but do you know what pinches more than an expensive smartphone? Its maintenance. It really sucks when you get an exorbitant bill just because you broke your smartphone screen by dropping it (obviously by accident). It is hard that such a big investment becomes useless,…

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Images of BlackBerry Kopi surface

The new BlackBerry CEO had stressed on handsets with the traditional QWERTY keyboards as opposed to the advanced touchscreen ones. While recently, an unknown handset called Kopi had surfaced, now we have the live images of the device, The images of the alleged Blackberry Kopi have been leaked online. Interestingly, based on the picture, the…

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Samsung unveils wireless charging covers for Galaxy S5

Besides releasing a host of variants of its flagship handset, Samsung is also known to make specialized accessories for the devices, some necessary, others just fashionable. Keeping with that the company has launched charging covers for the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has unveiled four charging covers designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy S5.…

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