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sat-nav-gps-nokia-application  Have you ever used GPS feature on your Mobile? Its fun and its very easy to reach the places where you want to go, with the guidance of GPS application. Most of the GPS application use GPRS but some application like SatGuide do not use GPRS and thus save your data transfer cost.

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Incase you do not know about SatGuide then here is what SatGuide is. It is an applictaion that provides GPS Navigation without using GPRS, it uses GPS receiver in your mobile . In case you mobile do not have GPS receiver SatGuide also offer GPS Bluetooth Receiver along with the SatGuide Software and Maps.

Symbian (Nokia) mobile phone users can download the free trial of SatGuide from After installation of free trial of application in your mobile you will be able to use it for 10 times. This application is also available for Windows based mobiles but there is no trial version available for windows mobile users. To check compatibility of your mobile with SatGuide click here.

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Apart from GPS applications for mobile SatGuide also provides following products

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