Swype : The Next Generation of T9

swype  Next Generation of T9 has arrived. Swype does what T9 do for the Mobiles with Keypad. Swype make texting on Full Touch Screen Mobile phones easier. Swype is developed by founders Cliff Kushler (Co-intventor of T9) and Randy Marsden, along with a very team of software programmers and linguists.

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 50 words per minute.

Simply Trace a Path
The word “quick” was generated from tracing the path shown above in a fraction of a second, by roughly aiming to pass through the letters of the word. A key advantage to Swype is that there is no need to be very accurate, enabling very rapid text entry.

Key Features of Swype

  • Fast : You can go fast and be sloppy. There’s no need to try to accurately hit each key. Just make a reasonable effort to trace through the word and Swype will do the rest.
  • Easy to Learn : The keyboard layout is QWERTY, so there is virtually no learning curve if you’ve already learned to type on a regular keyboard.
  • Natural Feeling.
  • Finger-Tip Operation : Swype can be used equally well with either a stylus or your fingertip. You don’t have to be precise; so even if you have a large finger that partially obscures the keys, Swype still works!
  • Auto-Spacing : You can go even faster since Swype automatically enters spaces for you. (Spaces are prepended in front of each word entered by Swype).
  • Auto Spelling Correction : Not only can you go fast and be sloppy, in most typical cases, Swype will even correct misspelled words. For example, trace out “freind”, and Swype will automatically generate “friend”.
  • Capitalization Shortcut : Save time by capitalizing any letter in a word with a simple gesture: just slide from the letter to off the top of the keyboard and then continue entering the rest of the word.
  • 65,000-word Learning Dictionary : Chances are the word you are typing is already in the Swype dictionary. But if it isn’t, just tap it out once followed by a space, and Swype will automatically learn it for next time.
  • Statistical Tracking : Keep track of your speed using Swype’s built-in statistical tracking.
  • Accented Characters
  • Words with accented characters (“diacritics”) require no special action : just Swype the word and the correct spelling will be entered. New words with accented characters can by typed by tapping and holding on the letter to see all possible variations.
  • Over 50 Symbols : Most common symbols are on the main keyboard layer and can be quickly entered by tapping on the key and sliding off the top of the keyboard. Many other symbols are readily available on Swype’s second keyboard layer.
  • Automatic Help : Swype detects when you may be having trouble or might be able to benefit from a particular feature, and prompts you with helpful tips and instructions.