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How to stop unwanted notifications on Android

When you install a lot of apps on your phone, you will be annoyed by their notifications every time it pops up and eventually you won’t be able to find your important notification that is hidden down somewhere. Be it Facebook notifications or some unwanted promotional offers, the obvious solution is to remove that app…

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Lower the brightness below 0% on Android devices

It’s been so long since every smartphone and tablet comes with an ambient light sensor to adjust brightness automatically. Even though setting the lowest brightness on Android will still look brighter for you at night and you will start wondering that isn’t there a way to lower the brightness below 0% because reading eBooks, emails and…

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Latest Skype update lets you save video messages

We all have used Skype in all it’s glory, be it on a computer, or, on our smartphones. So much that many a times it happens that instead of saying “Let’s make a video call”, we often say “Let’s Skype”. Of course we can send messages apart from making video calls, but Skype has been more…

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Force screen orientation of Android devices

As popular as they are, Androids still come with a whole lot of trouble. One hefty problem is to force screen orientation of Android devices. When you tilt your phone, the app still doesn’t rotate, at least not the upside down. Pulling out notification bar and turning on the auto-rotate feature isn’t in the most convenient option.…

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How to use your smartphone as a walkie-talkie

You may not have heard it before that you can use your smartphone as a walkie-talkie. Gone are the days when we used to play with the Walkie-talkie sets. With most of the people carry smartphones nowadays, we use almost all types of communication using text messages. Sometimes when sending out a quick message or a phone…

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How to increase the font size on Android

Android displays are now growing larger in terms of pixels which covers more content, for you. No matter how much crispier the fonts are, they are seldom too small to see it clearly on your Android and you end picking up the glasses. You can increase the font size on Android devices with just a few simple…

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