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Do EMF and mobile tower radiation are harmful? Here’s what experts say

The myths of EMF (electromagnetic field) and mobile tower radiation can be harmful to public health is widespread over the internet. There is no doubt mobile towers, as well as, cell phones emit radiation, however, the emission levels are under the limit according to the TRAI regulations. Do EMF and mobile tower radiation are harmful? Radiation is emitted…

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6 Facts you need to know about VoLTE

Own a VoLTE-enabled smartphone? Here’s what you need to know. VoLTE is a new stuff emerging in India after the telecoms giants like Reliance, Vodafone and others released their 4G services. If you are among those who stumbled upon this word and really want to know what is VoLTE and what are the benefits of…

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How camera innovation changed the mobile era

Cameras are one of the most important features of smartphones, whether you use it for snapping images sharing over social media or you want a portable device for professional photography, a good-quality camera on the back of your handset is essential. Smartphone cameras have emerged in a way how a digital camera tech works. They…

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