32GB Surface tablet arrives with only 16GB of available storage, Microsoft explains why

The Microsoft Surface tablet is out in the market and in the hands of the end consumers but many have wondered as to why their 32 GB version of the Surface arrives only with 16 GB of available storage.


And Microsoft has just revealed some stats which suggest that the 32 GB Surface tablet initially arrives with only 29 GB of storage as per the binary system.

Now out of the 29 GB of available space, 5 GB is reserved for Windows recovery tools, so the reported size of hard drive by File explorer comes to 24 GB. And later on the Windows RT OS, MS Office and other built-in apps go on to eat up another 8 GB of the space.


Thus leaving the end users to have only 16 GB of storage at their disposal. On the other hand, the final available storage figure for the 64 GB version of the Surface tablet stays at 46 GB. Though 16 GB is indeed less in comparison, user can always user microSD cards for expanding the storage.
It is good to see that Microsoft is coming into open and is vocal about the final available storage on-board its first tablet and buyers are made aware of it.