50% off on your favorite EA games for BlackBerry Playbook

There are loads of games that we wish to buy but then they go on to carry a price tag, which we are hesitant to pay for and wish the game was free. We know that the game would never be free but hey we do know that there are times when makers of the games put it on sale.


And this is the time when we should not let go the great opportunity and buy it. Similarly Electronic Arts (EA) which is the maker of many popular games such as Monopoly, SimCity Delux, Plants Vs Zombies and more has announced a 50% reduction in the price of these games for the BlackBerry Playbook owners.

Thanks to RIM and EA, BlackBerry Playbook owners can buy the popular games for their Playbook at half the price and enjoy playing them. The games are now priced from $1.99 to $3.99. But hey the sale is on only till May 3, 2012, so if you wish to buy any of the below mentioned games, then click the links and download them onto your BlackBerry Playbook.

The games on sale are:  

So don’t miss this Sale and grab your favourite games from the BlackBerry App World now.