6 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For QuickTime Player [Mac Guide]

You might be using QuickTime Player on your Mac to watch videos, movies, as well as editing, and for screen recording purposes. And you are doing fine with it performing various tasks, but did you know there are some bunch of useful shortcuts that come handy for QuickTime Player on your Mac? Here are the 6 useful keyboard shortcuts for QuickTime Player that you can use it on your Mac.


1) Command + L

While there are multiple keyboard shortcuts available for the QuickTime Player, there are some lesser-known keyboard shortcuts you can use such as the Command + L which opens up a small window where you can enter a URL of the movie you want to play.

You can directly enter the watch URL of the movie and play it on QuickTime Player by using this shortcut.

  • Command + L and enter the URL of the movie.


2) Option + Command + L

When you are watching a movie or video, the QuickTime Player stops once the movie or video reaches the end. However, you have the option to loop the video using a shortcut Option + Command + L.

  • Option + Command + L to loop the video.

3) Command + I

There are a number of shortcuts you may know for QuickTime Player, but this one nifty shortcut you may not know is the Command + I (upper case i).

What this shortcut does is it shows you the movie or video information which includes the file name, file path, video resolution, video codec, FPS (Frames Per Second), size of the file, bitrate, and current size of the window.

This information is useful if you want to know about the video file. Use the shortcut,

  • Command + I and a window will appear showing the information of the video file.


4) Command + 1, 3, 4, 5

You might be using the Command + F shortcut to enter the full-screen mode, but more shortcuts are available that help you to control the size of the movie and even fit the movie in the full screen without any black bars.

Shortcuts such as Command + 1, Command + 3, Command + 4, and Command + 5 are used to control the size of the movie. 

There are four shortcuts, 

  • Command + 1: Show the movie in its actual size.
  • Command + 3: Fit the movie to the screen.
  • Command + 4: Fit the screen with the movie.
  • Command + 5: Show the movie in Panoramic mode.

5) Command + (+) OR (-)

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts specific for the movie size, two more shortcuts are available that controls the size of the QuickTime Player window.

  • Command + (+): Increase the movie size
  • Command + (-): Decrease the movie size

6) Shift + Command + L, R, H, V

If your video or movie is upside down or you just want to rotate the movie for fun, there are quick shortcuts available. There are a total of four shortcuts for rotating the movie, Command + L, Command + R, Command + H, and Command + V. Using these shortcuts, you can rotate the movie either left, right horizontally, or vertically.

Use these commands for,

  • Shift + Command + L: Rotate the movie left
  • Shift + Command + R: Rotate the movie Right
  • Shift + Command + H: Rotate the movie Horizontally
  • Shift + Command + V: Rotate the movie Vertically

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