Aakash Tablet is already out of stock

The Indian Government had launched the Aakash Tablet, which is the world’s cheapest Android running 7-inch tablet, back in October and had also announced that the tablet will be provided to students and educational institutes in the country.


We didn’t see the tablet making its way to any institute rather we saw it reaching their online store last week. The Aakash was available at Rs. 2,500 with an option for cash on delivery, but it seems that the tablet is already sold out. Shocked?

So this means that tablet has made an impression even with its low-end specs. This is also good news for the Ubislate 7 as it offers slightly better specs at Rs. 2,999 and you can pre-order the tablet which will be available in January.

So do you think the Ubislate 7 will have the same response?