How to add apps shortcut to your Android notifications bar [Guide]

Installing a lot of useful apps on your Android phone can lead a huge mess on your homescreen and eventually you will run out of the room. Also finding the app you want on the homescreen will take a while, after all, you need to access apps quickly. You frequently look at the notifications bar for any new messages and updates. So, how about if there are apps shortcut to your Android notifications bar.


How to add apps shortcut to your Android notifications bar

There is an app named Bar Launcher which is free on Google Play. This app allows you to add shortcuts of the apps you select to the notifications bar. You can either search the app in the Google Play or just hit the link below.

Download Link

Price: Free

How to use the Bar Launcher? 

After you open it, tap the plus button in the lower right corner as shown.


Select as many apps you want to add to the notifications bar. You can add up to 8 apps shortcut on the screen. The apps you choose will be displayed on the notification bar.


If you have mistakenly added an app that you don’t want then it can be removed by just swiping the app either left or right from the menu.


You can further add new rows for the apps shortcut. The more rows, the more apps shortcut icons on the notification bar. Name your row to anything such as for social networks, you can name it as Social and for messaging apps, you can name it as messaging or whatever you like. You can swipe from left edge to find the rows you have created and manage ’em.



In the settings menu, you can change the priority, colors as well as set the Bar Launcher icon in the notification tray. The maximum priority will get the Bar Launcher to top position before all the notifications of the apps. Lower priority will let the Bar launcher stay below the notifications of the apps. Finally, you have all the shortcut of your favourite apps


If you don’t want the Bar Launcher to display the shortcuts then you simply open it and tap the OFF/ON slider button.

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