How to easily add or remove CarPlay applications using Apple iPhone

Apple CarPlay allows users to connect the iPhone to a compatible head unit or a car and use a bunch of applications hat are already installed on the device using the the display of the infotainment unit of the car.

But when there are tons of compatible applications on your device, then it becomes a bit of a struggle to browse through the apps and in such cases, its a good idea to re-organize them or rearrange them. If you are not using any particular app, then you can also remove it from the screen of the car.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how you can add and remove applications for the CarPlay using your Apple iPhone.


How to add or remove CarPlay applications using Apple iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your iPhone.

Step 2: When the app opens, tap on the “General” and then select the “CarPlay” option.

Step 3: After that, under the My Car section, select your car from the list.

Step 4: Once that is done, select “Customize” and you will see a list of all CarPlay-supported apps installed on your phone.

Step 5: To add an application to the car’s screen, tap on the green-colored “+” button next to the app’s name. Similarly, to remove an app from the screen, tap on the red-colored “-” button next to the name of the application.

That’s it. After you have successfully followed the above-mentioned steps and added or removed apps on the car’s screen based on your requirements, you are done customizing the CarPlay application using your Apple iPhone. After making the changes, whenever you connect your car to CarPlay, the new changes will be effective.

If you are not satisfied with the new changes and want to switch back to the default settings, then you can just tap on the Reset option and then select the “Reset Home Screen Layout” and the system will reset the apps for the CarPlay.