Airtel 3G now in Bihar [3G Tariffs Included]

Airtel-3g-logo 3G services from various operators have started shaping up in the country. The competition is rising as everyday operators are launching their services in different parts of the country. Bharti Airtel has now launched its 3G services in Patna. The services will include Mobile TV entertainment, video calls, live streaming of videos and on the go social networking. Customers can gain high speed mobile internet for their personal computers as well through the HSPA 3G dongles that Airtel has introduced. Non-internet users can stream videos through the 3G services on their mobile phones as well as make calls to video IVR to access various video products like live darshan, video talkies and video portal.

“Having won the trust of over 1.5 crore customers, Airtel is the leading mobile services provider across Bihar and Jharkhand. Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of Airtel 3G services in Patna. With this, our mobile customers in the state will experience the exciting internet world through their mobile devices – anywhere, anytime. We believe Airtel 3G will lead the revolution of internet in Bihar, bringing our customers closer to an all new world of possibilities,” commented Mr. Raghunath Mandava, Operations Director – East, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel at the launch.

The Tariffs are as follows:

  • PAYG VBC (Pay as you go): For all existing Airtel 2G customers who want to experience the power of Airtel internet on 3G for a short while, this tariff plan is the solution. The customer will pay the same prevailing data rates as on 2G service, but with the advantage of a faster mobile broadband.


  • Value plans: These plans allow you a 50% discounted rate over the PAYG VBC plan. Applicable only for postpaid users.


  • Sachet Plans: The objective of these plans is to drive mass trial and adoption of 3G. As part of the Sachet Plans is also a ‘minutes’ based plan wherein customer can access internet on 3G in terms of ‘time’ instead of ‘volume’. This plan is typically suitable for youth wherein lot of internet browsing has traditionally happened through Cyber Cafes on basis of ‘time’.


  • Standard Plans: These plans are best suited for the mid to high-end users of data.


  • FlexiShield Plan: This plan has a combination of free data usage and a low inbuilt Volume Based Charging rate. The plan is constructed in a way that it provides the customer the flexibility to start from a relatively lower initial rent and pay as per usage and shields from a bill shock with a bill cap at Rs. 2000.

Airtel-3g-tariff Airtel has also introduced a first of its kind internet usage calculator (on that will help customers monitor and analyse their current internet data usage and choose an Airtel 3G plan accordingly.