Airtel’s ‘Data Share Plan’ allows sharing of 5GB 3G data between 3 devices at Rs.1000

Bharti Airtel has today announced the launch of a new plan called the ‘Data Share Plan’ which will allow Airtel users to share unlimited data usage amongst two of their friends or family members or among 3 of his own devices.


The Data Share Plan will allow users access to the world of internet at 3G data speed up to 5 GB of combined data usage, after which the speed will be dropped to 80 Kbps while the usage still remains unlimited.

The Data Share Plan will be available to both postpaid and prepaid users and will also allow data sharing between both the users.
Out of the 3 users, if you are the one who recharged for the plan for Rs.1000, you will be called the Data Boss and will have the power of allocating the 3G data between you and your friends who have to be Airtel users. You will be able to decide who can use how much of the data, and if your friend wishes to be the Data Boss next time, just ask him/her to recharge for Rs.1000.
This is indeed an interesting plan and we feel that it will definitely attract a lot of users. Also to understand how the plan would work, catch the infographic below.