Airtel Wi-Fi Hangouts – A prepaid hotspot service with Unlimited download

Airtel has introduced a new service called the Wi-Fi Hangouts which will allow users to access Airtel’s public hotspots by activating the ‘Airtel Wi-Fi Zone’ vouchers.


The Wi-Fi Hangouts is a prepaid service and is currently being launched only in three regions: Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore while plans to expand the service to more cities are on the cards.

The service seems to be simple to use. As per the information available on Airtel’s website, users interested in using the service just have to select “Airtel Wi-Fi Zone” on their devices, activate the voucher as per their choice, Login and start surfing the web at broadband speed.


Currently, Airtel offers 3 prepaid vouchers priced at Rs.20, Rs.30 and Rs.50 which will provide users 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes of Unlimited download and surfing access.
As of now, now much details are available about this service as Airtel is yet to make any official annoucement for the same. You can call 18001022244 for more details.