Android continues a rocketing growth of 250 percent every year; 850,000 Android devices activated everyday

Caution: This may sound like a thank-you note to Android but it is rather, a mere collection of facts. It’s no secret that Androids are attracting consumers like a moth to a flame. But, Androids despite old and new competition strengthening, has continued to cast its spell. As per figures released by Google at the MWC, an estimated 850,000 Android devices are activated every day. According to Google, it means that 300 million is the estimated number of Android devices worldwide. The growth rate is just rambunctious. Just in December, it was 700,000 devices per day.

Its not only in device sale that Android is excelling. Google has no got 450,000 apps in the Android market, which is three times what it was two years ago. Not to forget, the Android ecosystem is divided into various updates, out of which the recent Ice Cream Sandwich is still catching up.

Android, it seems will continue to razzle and dazzle in the coming future and why should not?

Being the birth child of Google, similar to its search engine, Android has created its identity by providing an eco-system that can be used by all streams of consumers. It has created an open source market that will attend to you whether you are a high-end or a budget consumer. If it was Nokia that ushered the smartphone revolution and Apple bought in the app revolution, then it was Android that made it possible for the layman to not only dream of but actually go ahead and acquire a smartphone.

Today, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to smartphones al thanks to Android. It is Android who lent out its OS to every device manufacturer who wanted to acquire it. If Android has started reaping the rewards of its trade practice, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact, we believe, the trend might pick up and continue for years to come as Android still rules!