Android ICS lets you “Force GPU Rendering”

When Google announced Android 4.0, it pointed out that the new OS will be focussing on graphics processing instead of just the CPU. So where is it?


Well actually we started fiddling with some setting and found out that if you have an Android 4.0 device that has a dedicated GPU then you have an option to force GPU rendering.

Now you must be thinking what does that mean or what would that do to your Android device? Well basically if you enable this option, then the system forces some of the applications to use the dedicated GPU to do the processing.

So if you go to your settings, under the developer options you will find an option to force GPU rendering on, but be warned it might or might not help in making your apps run faster. Some apps might not support GPU rendering, so that may cause them to behave in a weird way, in that case you can just disable the GPU rendering. If everything works fine, then you can take your device’s GPU to its actual potential. Do try this and let us know about your experience.