Android and iOS captured 92% of smartphone market in Q4 2012: Report

We have always wondered which mobile OS would dominate the smartphone markets. Now we have reports which clearly indicate its Google’s Android Operating System. This was closely followed by Apple’s iOS. The two, together, have captured the global smartphone market.Android-iOS-Podium

The competing duo claimed 92 percent of the smartphone shipments in Q4 of 2012. As per reports from the Strategy Analytics, the market shares of both, Android and iOS, increased robustly over the Q3 shares and together garnered 700.1 million units’ shipments. The penetration of smartphones has begun to develop, thus creating a significant increase in the sales.

Google’s Android OS which has been growing exponentially in 2012, boasted of 68.4 percent shipments of the open source platform in the year. Apple has a stable growth of 19.4 percent in 2012. The other platforms like Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows were reduced to a mere 12.2 percent in the last year.

The market share of android nearly doubled this year. From last years, 80.6 million units, this year there were 152.1 million units shipped. Also Apple grew its share by 29 percent in 2012 by shipping 47.8 million smartphones.