Android L may be called Lamington

Google has partnered with Udacity to launch a new online course on Developing Android apps. While we were going through the course material, we found something really interesting – the full name of the next Android version and its apparently not Lollipop.


In one of the slides in the course material for Android App development released by Google, the distribution of the current Android versions and the targets for the future version is discussed. Interestingly, after KitKat there is Lamington followed by Meringue, thus fuelling doubts that the upcoming version could be called Android Lamington.

Google had recently previewed the Android v5.0 at the Google I/O Conference but only called it as the Android L. However based on internal reports, Lollipop was apparently the favourite dessert whose name was supposed to be used, up until today. However, the Lamington name could also just be a placeholder used for theoretical purposes. While the chances of Lollipop are still high, the dreams of Indian Android enthusiasts to name the version as Android Ladoo are highly unlikely.