Android worldwide market share reaches 81 percent in Q3 2013

Android has ever since its inception, grown like a wildfire. But, its success in the recent past is nothing less than unprecedented and something that even its progenitor Google wouldn’t have ever dreamed off. The new International Data Corporation (IDC) stats herald good news for Android giving it 81 percent market share. Android has become such a behemoth with 211.6 Million Android smartphones being shipped just this quarter.


Android worldwide market share detailed stats

The Android worldwide market share has gained a lead ever since the unveil of Android 4.2 – Jelly Bean OS. It has grown 51.3 percent just in the past year. Samsung remains the biggest contributor to the Android worldwide market share with around 40 percent Android phones sold being Samsung devices.

Besides Android Windows Phone too has shown a remarkable leap jumping from 3.6 percent to 9.5 percent market share – a 156 percent increase out of which 93.6  percent devices sold were Nokia devices.

Android rise owes also to the downfall of brands such as BlackBerry, which have been leaking market share like anything – it has declined to 1.7 percent market from 7.7 percent. Android’s biggest competitor is still Apple with a 12.9 percent market share and a growth of 25.6 percent over last year.