Another Nokia leaked – N5

nokia-n5-leak-1 Nokia just doesn’t seem to be able to keep secrets, or maybe they don’t want to? Anyways the latest leak from Nokia is the Nokia N5 which seems to be running an upgraded version of Symbian Anna – the interface looks a lot like that of the recent talk amongst the Nokia fans – the N9.


It is likely that the N5 will be available in black and white colors with tints of other colors on both, it is a fully touch 3.2 inch screen with call, end call and menu button at the bottom – it comes with the usual volume rocker and camera shutter on the right side. It has a 5 Mega Pixel camera at the back with a LED flash and a speaker at the bottom.
It seems that the N5 shall replace the very popular low end touchscreen phones from Nokia, sources also suggest that N5 will be followed by N6 and N7 which could boast larger displays and better specifications.