Apollo Plus – First update to Windows Phone 8 coming in Q1 2013

While Windows Phone 7.5 users are still awaiting the roll-out of the much awaited Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade, news coming in suggests that Microsoft is already planning on an update to the Windows Phone 8 OS.
While the Windows Phone 8 OS was code-named Apollo, the update to the new OS is being called ‘Apollo Plus’ and is expected to roll out in Q1 2013.

As per the rumours, this update will go on to bring in the much needed bug fixes and improvements to the new OS and also a few new features that Microsoft was not able to implement due to the October 26th deadline.
We desperately hope that Apollo Plus goes on to bring in the Notification Centre which it left from the initial release of the Windows Phone 8 OS as it ran out of time. Also we hope the company to release a fix to the Wi-Fi connection issue which will let it be active.
The Apollo Plus will also be a testing time for Microsoft as it will be the first time that the company will roll out an upgrade over-the-air (OTA) which is a major improvement over the previous version of the OS.