Apple awarded new patent that lets you decide whether to call or text

While we haven’t seen any innovative technology, other than claims of patent infringement, from Apple lately, the company is finally out with solutions for small problems, which make our mobile experience better.


While many times we are faced with the dilemma, whether to call or text a person, now Apple will help you decide the right thing to do. The latest patent obtained by Apple helps to decide the best way to contact by considering the variables like time, location, mobility, or other factors.

So if you set triggers for work, or when you’re at the gym, or any other factor, and choose whether it’s best to contact you with a call, text, e-mail, or maybe through another messaging service then you will be contacted in the selected mode at that time. The system is also automated for random events like if you’re at a concert, the system will figure that out based on your GPS, clock, and microphone data.