Apple being sued by Nokia for infringement

Nokia has been furious with Apple Inc. and they have complained the second time against Apple Inc with The United States International Trade Commission.  The charges alleged against Apple say that they have infringed additional Nokia patents in almost all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets and computers. Nokia had earlier filed a complaint on the 25th of March which was ruled in favour of Apple and that there was no violation of Section 337.
The new complaint includes Nokia’s various innovations that are being used by Apple to create key features in their products including operating system, data syncing, multi tasking, positioning and navigation, quality of calls and Bluetooth accessories. Nokia has also filed cases relating to the same issue in Delaware, US and has further cases proceeding in Mannheim, Dusseldorf and the Federal Patent Court in Germany, the UK High Court in London and the District Court of the Hague in the Netherlands.

Paul Melin, Vice President, Intellectual Property at Nokia said, “Our latest ITC filing means we now have 46 Nokia patents in suit against Apple, many filed more than 10 years before Apple made its first iPhone. Nokia is a leading innovator in technologies needed to build great mobile products and Apple must stop building its products using Nokia’s proprietary innovation.”