Apple comes up with a recycling program for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs and PCs

It seems a fad nowadays for big tech companies to engineer their own ways to be eco-friendly. While other companies have come up with eco-friendly products, Apple, being Apple has shown the world another way to be eco-friendly.

Apple has come up with a scheme that might make use of any Apple gadget or even a PC gone kaput. Called the Reuse and Recycling programme and run by Dataserv GmbH, this scheme is designed to be beneficial to the consumer, the environment and most importantly Apple itself.

The thing is firstly; electric waste or e-waste is considered one of the major pollutants in the world today. Secondly, Apple products are marketed as single pieces, aren’t they? So well, let me put it this way. If I crack my iPhone’s screen, it would no longer remain of any use to me would it? But, Apple could still use it. It could actually fit an iPhone 4S inside an iPhone 4 case and sell it again, to a person like me, at a much better price. And I would also be happy to get rid of my unusable iPhone and maybe even get some moolah in the process. And both of us will also earn some environmental brownie points, which is more than welcome.

The scheme does sound good on paper. But how it fare actually, remains to be seen. I  went to Apple’s site and saw the Indian section, which is handled by a Chinese sounding company called Li Tong. While I did fill out the form they gave, I was still in two minds about giving up my iPod Nano, as there seems no provision for cash value as there is in the U.S. site. So, I chickened out.

But that’s me. If you got a different take on the whole thing, go ahead.