Apple may be secretly obtaining your iPhone data including call logs

While Apple fought tooth and nail to protect the privacy of its users, research now indicates that the company may be collecting data from your iPhone without your knowledge.


According to security firm Elcomsoft, the Apple iPhone devices which have iCloud enabled send the users call history to the Apple servers. The data collected includes the list of calls received and made, complete with phone numbers, date, time, and duration. Further, even the missed and bypassed call details are sent.

While the syncing of call details to and from iCloud is one of Apple’s key features, most of the times the data is obtained without necessary permission or sometimes even without the user’s knowledge. To make things worse, Incoming missed calls that are made through third-party VoIP apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and others that use Apple CallKit to make the calls, are also detailed and logged to the iCloud.

While there was a big hue and cry about the rumours about Xiaomi sharing users call details with Chinese servers, the intensity of this situation is at the same level, if not worse. Given Apple’s claims of encryption for iPhones that cannot be decoded by the company itself, it is slightly surprising to see Apple play with user data.