Apple reveals the iOS 5

Apple has been swooping on the mobile and tablet market and has been considerably doing well. Their latest addition is the new iOS 5 platform for their devices. It was announced yesterday at the WWDC 2011 and has some very exciting new features.

iOS 5 will be available this fall and will be compatible with the iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation.

Here is a summary of what we can indulge in after getting updated to the new platform:

  • iMessage: The rumours have turned out to be true and Apple has launched an exclusive messaging service for iOS users which will work over either WiFi or 3G. The service is somewhat like the BlackBerry Messenger and will come with delivery and read receipts, an indicator for when the other party is typing, and the ability to push messages to all your devices. Users will be able to send messages, photos, videos, and contacts as well as chat with multiple users at the same time thanks to group messaging.
  • Notifications: A new Notification Center has been embedded which contains all the notifications and is accessible by swiping down a menu from the top of the screen. The notifications will also be visible at the lockscreen, where swiping across a text message takes you right to it.
  • Camera: There have been new additions and improvements in the camera app. Now you can use the volume-up button as the physical shutter key release while taking a picture. For zooming, the pinch zoom option is available right in the app itself. New editing options like cropping, rotating, red-eye reduction and one-click enhance option have been added.
  • Wireless Synching: One of the most intriguing new features is the wireless synching option. Users now have the ability to set up and activate a new iOS device, synch the device and update the device with over-the-air updates without any wires connected to the pc.
  • Twitter Integration: Twitter will now be integrated which means when a user signs-in with his/her twitter account he/she can use various apps to communicate with Twitter, like tweeting images directly from the device’s gallery.
  • Safari Reader: A new browser feature that removes all unwanted content from a webpage and shows only the relevant text part of the page. The feature is accessible via a button next to the address bar and the text only version of these pages can be saved in a Reading List, which accumulates a list of pages you want to read later.
  • iCloud: The new cloud based service by Apple will also be available with the update. iCloud will store your content in the cloud (a virtual hard drive space) and will wirelessly push it to all your device. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all your devices. In addition to every day content, such as purchased music, iBooks, photos and videos, device settings, and app data that will be automatically backed up over WiFi, Documents in the Cloud will effortlessly sync Pages, Numbers, and Keynote data between all of your iOS devices. There will be no advertising (contrary to previous rumors), and calendar, mail, and contact sync is free for up to 5GB.
  • Other new features include a Reminder feature that syncs reminders across the calendar and also a Newsstand app which can store all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

The iOS 5 surely seems to be a top-notch update for the iDevices. We hope Apple doesn’t delay their products in India like they always do and will provide the updates for the devices in fall as they have promised.