ART to replace Dalvik in Android’s next release, suggests AOSP commit

Three months ago, Google announced new Android runtime ART, which would replace the current Android runtime, Dalvik eventually and if the reports are true then that time should come very soon.


Android runtime ART is currently in ‘preview’ but a recent AOSP commit hints that ART will replace Dalvik sooner than expected. The AOSP commit we are talking about gives us an impression that we might see the next Android release with ART runtime onboard. The change in code shows ART to be set as default while Dalvik is an alternate option. The ART runtime is already set as default in the main branches of the code.


Although, this makes a strong case for Android runtime ART to become the standard but we wouldn’t believe it until we get a concrete confirmation because there is a possibility that developers might be testing the new code.

The day Google announced Android runtime ART, the people of the Android community have lapped it up. It is already quite popular among developers even though Google has warned that ART might not be really ready and as we previously mentioned, it is still in ‘preview’. Anyways, if it’s not mere testing than we will see ART replacing Dalvik in the next Android release for good.