BlackBerry announces 25 Days of Giifts of free premium apps starting from December 1

With the holiday season approaching, BlackBerry has announced the BlackBerry World Holiday giveaway, which would last almost the whole month of December.


BlackBerry has announced its 25 Days of Gifts holiday giveaway, which will start from December 1 and will go on till December 25. With the giveaway, all BlackBerry 10 smartphone users can get a set of premium apps, movies and games for free every day. However, each day’s offering would be available only for 24 hours and would be replaced by a new set the next day.

The 25 Days of Gifts holiday giveaway can be availed by users owning the BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q10 and the Q5 by visiting the BlackBerry World regularly. The premium apps given would vary based on region and even handset. This is a bold move by the company to promote apps from its app store. So starting tomorrow, all BlackBerry users visits the BlackBerry World to get your free app.