Brain App for Windows Phone review – tease your brain!

When it comes to the Windows Phone platform, we hear people continuously ranting about the scarcity of apps as compared to iOS or Android. That is the main reason we have got our selection of Windows Phone apps, just for you.

Brain is not an ordinary app by any standard. The purpose of this app is not to entertain or even be of great utility. It is here to sharpen your brain. (Yes, you got that right)

Developed by Chris Mayer, this app throws four challenges your way. These challenges are designed to hold your interest, so they are neither too easy nor too difficult. The app is based upon three techniques – math, sequencing, and identification. Each has a rookie and a pro level. Brain app is a stimulating exercise, for your brain.

Brain has quite a different UI than most apps. It opens up different pages for different stuff. So you have home, exercises, store and about pages. Every challenge needs to be done in a certain amount of time.

Speed Math is an exciting feature here. What happens is you get 30-60 questions that you have to correctly answer within the given time.

Balloon burst is another feature – you have to burst the balloons according to the variables given to you. Card counting too, is card play with a little tinge of maths.


Color Chaos is a feature that tests your identification. You have to identify the color that the words are even though they may be spelling a different color.
Based on every, you can get your brain IQ.

Though it might not seem so, but the brain app is an addictive app. You can even share the game with other players.

Brain IQ is also a nice gift for school going children. You can download it here.