CBSE banned mobile phones in school

mobile-ban Mobile has become integral part of life for many of the teenagers going to schools. But now those who are studying and those who are teaching in CBSE affiliated schools have to part ways with their mobile atleast when they are in school during school hours. Few days back The Central Board of Secondary Education issued intructions to all CBSE affiliated schools that mobile phones should be banned in schools. CBSE is off the view that “mobile phones can be a serious cause of distraction, lack of concentration, anxiety, fear and sometimes even misuse.Even if the mobiles are in silent mode they can be a source of disturbance within the classroom as students can make use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) during the class or even during an assignment.  The cameras which are a common feature now in most mobile phones can also be misused.”

CBSE says that there have been enough lessons that have been learnt in the past regarding the use of mobile phones and the it strongly recommends that students should be convinced about not carrying mobile phones to the school.  The principal, teachers and other staff should also not be seen using the mobile in classrooms, playgrounds, common areas, laboratories and other parts of the school premises.

I never used mobile during my school days so can’t say how much it would have hurt me if I was not allowed to carry my mobile in school. But presently I would say that its very difficult and irritating for me if my mobile is not with me. So, I would say probably am addicted to it.

Share with us what do you think about these CBSE guidelines. Tell us if its right move or wrong move by CBSE.