How to view Facebook ads based on your interest [Guide]

Ever seen a Facebook ad appear randomly on your news feed? Facebook has grown so much bigger and it might happen that you view Facebook ads you aren’t interested in anymore. Facebook’s algorithms are too much advanced that they know what kind of topic you are interested in but sometimes you may find them unnecessary. So Facebook provides an ad preference to opt out ads you don’t want to see and select those ads based on your interests. Want to know how? Read on.


Facebook Ad preference has all those categories that you might be interested in and you have the option to select or deselect them according to your likes and interests. Facebook selects adverts based on your profile information, the Facebook Pages you have liked and/or engaged with, your click on adverts, the apps you use and other aspects.

How to view Facebook ads based on your interests

Step 1: Open Facebook App on your mobile and tap the three lines as shown in the image. You can also swipe to right on the last screen to get the profile options. Now swipe to bottom and hit Account Settings.


Step 2: In Account Settings, at the bottom, find Adverts and tap on it. There you will see three choices. We will choose the last i.e. “Manage the preferences we use to show you adverts.” which will show you a list of ad categories you can select.


As Facebook shows you ads that are most relevant to you, you can manually choose the type of ad with this Facebook Ad Preference tool which lets you view, add, modify and remove preferences according to your taste.

For instance, if your preference is “cycling”, you might see adverts from a local bicycle shop.

Step 3: Tap Visit Advert Preferences and you will see a list of categories. Now tap the plus button Select Preferences to Add and continue to the next step.


Step 4: Here, you can change or modify all your ad preferences. Take a look at them. Select the category and under it, choose the topics you like by marking a blue tick on it and/or deselect the existing blue ticks that you don’t want.

Please note that if you remove all the preferences, you will still see Facebook ads and this time, it would be least relevant to you.



How cool is it that you see Facebook ads based on your interest as Facebook let you choose it. It’s quite fascinating that you have almost all the categories available to check your favorite topic.

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