Chinese search engine Baidu launches smartphone platform based on Android

Baidu, the largest search engine in China has launched its very own Mobile OS called Baidu Yi. The new OS is based on Google’s Android OS and is said to have the same core features. Baidu has teamed up with Dell for hardware support and future mobile devices. Being a popular brand in China, Dell should have a strong impact on the Chinese market. Sources also say that Yi devices will exclusively target the low end, will just not be limited to China.

The company also has its own apps ready for the new OS including Maps, Yue (a reader app), Shen Bian (like Google Places), and Ting (music app). The OS will be giving local content to its users and is also said to support Android apps. The new Baidu Yi platform will also feature strong cloud integration for storage, back-up and sharing. Yi will come with an input-method editor for either typing or writing of Chinese characters for easy and quick typing.