Chinese smartphone maker Nubia set to enter the Indian market

With most of the Chinese smartphone vendors putting their focus on the expanding Indian market, ZTE is now planning on launching the nubia brand in the country.


Nubia, which is a popular Chinese smartphone brand operating under ZTE, has revealed its plans to enter the Indian market. The company has launched the official country website – Currently the website just display an image with the caption, “Now, There is no limit to what you can achieve.” The company has also been running social media campaigns with the tagline, “Why Not Look Beyond Limits? Hoping to surprise you real soon!”

Nubia has not yet revealed which smartphone it plans on releasing first in the Indian market. Just yesterday the company launched the nubia Z9 with a 5.2 inch bezel-less display. As such the company may launch this handset along with the earlier launched nubia Z9 Max and nubia Z9 Mini. We will have more details soon.