Chrome for Android started testing scheduled downloads feature

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and the popularity is not limited to computers as it also leads the rankings when it comes to browser apps on Android. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the constant improvements and addition of new and useful features.

According to the latest reports, Google is now testing a “download later” feature on Chrome for Android. Ideally, the feature will enable users to schedule download and set a date as well as time for the download process to begin in the Chrome app.


As per the report, the feature isn’t just limited to scheduling but seems to have advanced options as well, such as the ability to specify when to start the download process based on the Wi-Fi connection.

This seems like a good option, especially when you want to download a file that is not needed right away and your phone’s battery life is low. In such a case, you can just schedule it for later and the process will automatically start when specified.

Once you have added the file to download later, there will be a “Scheduled for later” tab in the app that will enable you to manage, start, pause or even cancel the scheduled file.

The feature still seems to be very early in the development stage and thus, there’s no specific timeline about when the “download later” feature will be rolled out in the stable version. We expect more tweaks and changes before the feature rolls out.