How to customize call vibration pattern on OnePlus 7 Pro [Guide]

One of the most talked smartphones of the year is the OnePlus 7 Pro which is a flagship featuring a 90 Hz Quad HD+ display and a pop-up selfie camera. The phone runs on the company’s customized Android called OxygenOS based on the Pie update and it brings a whole lot of features in it.


OxygenOS isn’t limited to the stock Android features but it also comes with some perks you won’t find easily on the rest of the phones in its class. We are talking about the calling vibration pattern which can be customized according to the needs.

If you receive a call on your OnePlus 7 Pro (or any other recent OnePlus phone), chances are the vibration pattern that buzzes while receiving calls may not be suitable for some of you, this is where you can change its buzzing pattern to whatever you like. OnePlus 7 Pro offers you to choose among the 5 different call vibration patterns for incoming calls.

Customize Call Vibration Pattern [OnePlus 7 Pro]

To customize the vibration pattern, go to the Settings -> Sound & vibration -> Incoming call vibration pattern and choose from the available vibration patterns.

The vibration patterns include the following,

  • dzzz-dzzz
  • dzzz-da
  • mm-mm-mm
  • da-da-dzzz
  • da-dzzz-da



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