Developer violates and gets kicked from iOS developer program after pointing out flaw in iOS

Charlie Miller, who is a developer, had released a video yesterday which clearly showed a flaw in Apple’s code signing on iOS devices. This allowed his app to run malicious code to run on an iOS device and the big thing here was that this app was submitted to Apple as a stock market app and somehow it managed to get through.
Now Mr. Miller could have done the right thing by contacting Apple and explaining them the flaw and under the RFPolicy Apple would have responded to the issue in 5 days. But, he went the other way around and used the bug/flaw to get his app up on the App Store.

So what did Apple do about this? Well first of all they removed the app from their App Store and then removed Miller from the iOS developer program as he violated the policies that Apple has made for its developer program.

Check out the video posted by Charlie Miller

This makes one thing clear, even Apple doesn’t have a stronghold security system for its App development program.