Don’t buy Verizon Apple iPhone 4 – Consumer Report

iphone4-verison-consumerrpoer Consumer reports have yet again denied to give a buy rating to the Verizon’s version of Apple iPhone, It’s noteworthy, that when Apple had debuted its iPhone 4, then too Consumer Reports had denied to give it a buy rating citing and had recommended that one will have to buy a bumper to mitigate any signal loss on the device and thus forcing Apple to launch its free bumper program for limited period of time.

However, it was expected that the CDMA version of Apple iPhone 4 would be free from this problem. Till now none of the consumers have complained in regards to the widespread call drops on Verizon network but this could also be due to the fact that Verizon network has previously received above-average reliability scores from readers of Consumer Reports. And just like the AT&T iPhone, using a bumper may help in eliminating the problem