Download apps wirelessly form the Ovi store using Nokia Drop

Users can now install apps and content from Ovi Store over the air, without SMS, Bluetooth or a USB cable with a click of the mouse. Nokia’s beta experimental app, Nokia Drop, is a very useful app that lets you wirelessly (using a Wi-Fi or data connection) download apps from the Ovi Store. The concept is just like Android, where you can visit the store from your PC, select the app of your choice and select the option where you can send it directly to your handset.


Just install the Nokia Drop app and you are good to go. Whenever you run the app and connect to a data connection, the app which you sent to your mobile through your PC is downloaded automatically to your handset and installs by itself.

The app is available for all Symbian^3 devices. Do give it a go. To download the app visit here.