Dutch court orders Apple to pay Samsung for damages

Patent wars aren’t going to end and even the rivalry between Samsung and Apple does not seem to come to a halt. Apple had apparently infringed a patent held by Samsung relating to the way phones and tablet PCs connect to the internet.


The matter was, you guessed it, taken to a court in Netherlands and the Dutch court has asked Apple to pay Samsung for all the damages.

The court has not specified any amount, but the final amount of damages will be calculated based on the sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands. Samsung had claimed that Apple had infringed four of its patents but the Dutch court said that only one of those had been breached.

Samsung, pretty happy with results said, “Samsung welcomes the court’s ruling, which reaffirmed Apple’s free-riding of our technological innovation. In accordance with the ruling, we will seek adequate compensation for the damages Apple and its products have caused.”