Now Earn more with mGinger (Earn from SMS Website)

moz-screenshot-2  mginger-earn-by-sms  mGinger now gives you more than one option to earn money. mGinger will now also pay its registered users for verifying their mobile and email id, apart from paying its registered users for receiving SMS ads.

Payment Policy of mGinger :

Gold Members

  • 20p, when you receive SMS Ad.
  • 10p, when your referral receives SMS Ad.
  • 5p,   when referral of referral receives SMS Ad

Gold member are those who register to mGinger via web and complete their profile details as required by mginger. To become a Gold Member click here.

Silver Member

  • 10p, when you receive SMS Ad
  • 5p. when your referral receives SMS Ad
To become a Silver Member one needs to register to mGinger by sending an SMS to mGinger.

Addtion to existing mGinger Payment Policy –  mGinger 3…2…1… Payment Policy:

Verify your mobile @ Rs 3:
If you haven’t verified your mobile, verify it right away & mGinger will add Rs 3 back to your earnings within 24 hours. Once your mobile is verified you’ll start receiving messages & get paid for each incoming SMS.

Refer your friends and get Rs 2 on each valid referral:

Invite as many friends as you can to your mGinger network and get Rs 2 added to your mGinger earnings on each valid referral. Just to remind you again, you will also keep earning money with each incoming SMS that your friends receive.

Verify your e-mail @ Rs 1:
Verify your e-mail and get updates, notifications & reminders about your mGinger account. mGinger will also add Rs 1 to your account as soon as your email is verified.

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