eBuddy now boasts 250 million user accounts

eBuddy, multi-social messenger service which allows you to communicate with each other on the Web and mobile phones, has crossed 250 million user accounts. A lot of new users are from the Android platform and the company has said that the growth over the platform is 300%.
Not all of the 250 million accounts are active but eBuddy has said that at least 163 million accounts are active on an annual basis, and that users currently spend more than 10 billion minutes per month engaged with the app.

eBuddy has also said that the Facebook Chat is also very much popular among eBuddy’s users and Facebook’s IM service usage is up 144%. The company recently debuted eBuddy XMS, a free real-time messaging app for Smartphones just like WhatsApp. This app is now available for iPhones, Android devices and also BlackBerry.