Endless Discovery – the new version of Cooliris, comes with Dropbox support

Though there are many existing photo-sharing apps, none of them provide cloud storage integration for photos, which is something that would be beneficial to both normal people sharing their photographs and photographers who wish to share their clicks. Cooliris finally has found a solution to this problem with their new version called Endless Discovery.


The Silicon Valley based company is known for their photo sharing app, Cooliris, which is only for the iOS devices. The new Cooliris – Endless Discovery assures to enrich your personal photo experience. The app is now integrated with Dropbox to provide cloud storage for the photos.

Not just the cloud storage is impressive, but also the front end to access the photos from the cloud is created keeping in mind the users. Also users can now see photos from friends which are posted on Instagram, Facebook or Flickr.

You can try the new Cooliris app for your iPhone by downloading the app from the Apple App Store.