Enjoy 30 paise local calling on Virgin Mobile

21o1mo6 Recharge with 149 rs and enjoy all local calls @ flat 30 paise/min for 24 hours with 750 local sms valid for 30 days.
Virgin Mobile has slashed the call rates to as low as 30 paise/min which no other GSM or CDMA prepaid player has done before.The main catch here is the 149 rs monthly committment which is bit costly.

We say:-Suppose if a user is having a monthly prepaid budget of 400 rs
Then a recharge of 249 rs which gives 222 talktime and 300 sms+149 rs tariff recharge gives 740 minutes of local calling usage.
On the contrary if the subscriber opts for 333 recharge which gives 301 talktime and 750 free sms without any tariff recharge of 149 then he gets approximately 463 minutes(10 minutes daily charged at 1 rs/min for 3 mins and 50 paise for rest of the 7 minutes).
So opting for a 149 rs tariff booster is a wise idea if your monthly budget is approx 400 rs.