Enjoy Android apps on Windows 8

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With the number of Windows 8 OS users steadily rising, we expected an equivalent rise in the number of apps available for the OS. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening and has caused a lot of discontent amongst the users. GetYourAppsBack by Bluestacks is a unique initiative to provide the apps from the largest app store, Google Play to the Windows 8 users.


Bluestacks, which is an Android virtualization software for PC’s, was earlier available for Windows 7 and provided a fully emulated Android Tablet experience. Now the same can be availed by Windows 8 users.

To install Bluestacks on your Windows 8 device, visit GetYouAppsBack.com and download the required software. You can then proceed to the Google Play store and run any Android choice in the Windows environment. You can also install the Cloud Connect app on your Android device to sync between the two platforms.

With a very few useful apps on the Windows Store, Bluestacks is a really good alternative to getting good apps for your device. Though the emulated apps won’t perform as per the standards on the hardware they were intended for, till Windows Store comes up with good apps, this is the only option available.