Estimated price of the Asus Padfone is out thanks to pre-order prices from Taiwan

Asus’ innovative new product, the Padfone, has been a really intriguing device. Combining a smartphone with a tablet, with some awesome accessories seems to be far-fetched idea, and most of the people including us have been speculating its price.


So the device just went on pre-order in Taiwan, and this gave us an opportunity to know the pricing of the device.

The smartphone is priced at NT$17,990 (US$610) and the tablet set (plus the stylus headset) will cost NT$24,980 (roughly US$850). If you want to add the keyboard with the huge battery and its ports too to the tablet, then it is NT$28,901 (US$980). So that’s a grand total of $1,590, but this is just an estimated price, and not the actual cost. So all this money will fetch you a smartphone, a tablet, a keyboard and a stylus that also acts as a phone receiver when the smarpthone is docked with the tablet.

It seems pretty steep, don’t you think? In case you forgot about the Padfone, check out the details here.