Every one out three mobile phone is a touch screen phone


The 2011 touch panel market size is said to reach $10.42 billion showing a 76% growth. This means 1 out of 3 mobile phones will use touch panel. In 2014 the numbers will change to every 1 out 2 mobile phones. Mobiles phones with over 3” display size especially will show 91% touch panel penetration in 2011 that most will equip touch panel. These facts and reports were done by Displaybank, which is a global authority in market research and consulting for the display industry.

Irene Heo, senior analyst at Displaybank noted that “Touch panel market in 2010 reached $5.93 billion in size to show high growth rate Y/Y at 152% and it is expected to continue the growing trend of showing 76% Y/Y growth rate in 2011 as well. In 2014, touch panel market size will record 2.6 times greater than the market in 2010 to record $15.64 billion showing 46% average compound annual growth rate.”

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