Existing mobile subscribers will have to undergo SIM card re-verification process using Aadhaar card

With SIM cards obtained fraudulently and without due verification becoming a national security concern, the government is all set to put in processes to verify every individual mobile SIM card user.


Following an order from the Supreme Court, the Department of Telecommunication has mandated a fresh verification based on Aadhaar card. The department has already issued a notice to telecom service providers to intimate existing subscribers about the re-verification process. The department has been set a deadline of February 6, 2018 to comply with the regulation.

To make the re-verification process easy and smooth, the department has initiated an efficient e-KYC process. To initiate the re-verification process, the operator will send a verification code to the subscriber. The subscriber will be required to produce the Aadhaar number and biometric verification.

However, the telecom operator is also required to verify if the SIM card is physically available with the subscribers at the time of re-verification process. Moreover, the subscriber has to confirm the re-verification after 24 hours.