Features of the Xiaomi’s MiUI 7 that make it better than the rest

Xiaomi just released the new MiUI 7 version which it claims flaunts several new features designed for India. Here is a list of some of the best features in the new version.


Personalization options:

The new MiUI 7 has the themes closely integrated and allow you to choose from a luxurious pink UI (Rosé), a playful pastel pink UI (Pink Blush), a soft blue UI (Ocean Breeze), and a brown-gold UI (High Life). Also the daily lock screen automatically changes to a new image every day.

Performance optimization:

The company claims that the new MiUI 7 brings about a 30% increase in speed by optimising the system response time in such a way that it loads both app data as well as app animations simultaneously.

Interactive Visual Response:

The Interactive Visual Response (IVR) features helps reduce the time required to navigate automated voice menus when you call a customer service hotline, Visual IVR shows the voice menu on the phone’s screen, so you can tap your selection quickly. Visual IVR in MIUI 7 has been further improved with support for more than 50 companies’ customer support numbers.

Quick OTP:

To make the process of entering a One Time Password (OTP) much easier, the built-in OTP recognition feature lets users easily copy an OTP code, at the very moment when the notification pops up.

Auto DND:

The MiUI 7 automatically activates Do Not Disturb (DND) mode and silences your phone, when the connected Mi Band detects that you are sleeping.

MIUI Data Saver:

The MIUI Data Saver is powered by Opera Max compression technology and offers substantial data savings across all apps by sending data such as images and videos to Opera’s cloud and compressing it before returning it to users’ phones. This feature can provide up to 50% data savings on mobile data connections.


Play an animated video on your friends’ Mi phones when calling them, instead of displaying just a name and number, or a static profile image.

Optimised battery life:

The MiUI 7 optimises popular apps in such a way that it reduces battery consumption by up to 25 percent, which means almost 3 hours extra battery life every day.