Flipboard releases update for iOS

All iPhone users of Flipboard are in for a treat with the new version of the news reader app. The Flipboard version 2 packs in lot of UI changes with host of new options.


The Flipboard 2.0 for iOS is going more social with the new version. There are a number of UI changes with options to create your own magazine. You can use articles, photos, videos, and audio by organising them into a magazine style. The magazine can then be shared with friends and public.

You can now interact with Flipboard posts by commenting on them or use the @mentions to interact with other users. Also the content guide allows you to easily access content besides content from other users. A new, pocket like, bookmark feature is introduced which lets you “Flip” websites into your Flipboard to read later. Flipboard also recommends articles which might interest you.

To try out the new features of Flipboard 2.0 download it from the Apple App Store.