Flipkart to sell its own tablets under the DigiFlip brand

There were murmurs around the industry in the past, which suggested that Flipkart will launch its own line of smartphones. Well, that hasn’t happened yet but we might see Flipkart DigiFlip tablets soon.


The report comes from The Economic Times and as per the report, Flipkart DigiFlip tablets will soon be a reality. DigiFlip is Flipkart’s brand name launched back in 2012 and the biggest online retailer in India has been selling various accessories like headphones, speakers and pen drives under the brand name.

The report also reveals that these tablets will be developed by several OEMs from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and even India. The report does not reveal when we can expect the first Flipkart DigiFlip tablet but the report indicates that the tablets will range from low-end to mid-range.

The tablet market is very crowded in India with a lot of affordable tablets in the market, thanks to local manufacturers and the likes of Google Nexus 7. Flipkart will have to bring something special to compete with them. The Indian online retailer has been making waves with exclusivity on the Motorola devices, Moto X, G and E and that has turned out to be quite a success. We’ll have to watch, if their tablets can make a reasonable impact.